Lipa, Philippines " Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Grace "1948 Our Blessed Mother appeared 19 times to a novice in the Carmelite order in Lipa City, Philippines. Our Lady first appeared to the novice, Teresita Castillo, in August, when she was in her cell.
While Teresita was praying in the convent garden on September 12, suddenly a vine began to shake. Our Lady appeared to the seer and requested that she kiss the earth and return to the same spot for fifteen consecutive days. When Our Lady appeared, She was on a cloud, dressed in white, hands clasped, and a golden Rosary hanging from Her right hand. Her dress was very white, very simple, and had a narrow belt tied around Her. She was radiant with beauty.
Our Lady requested the vine to be blessed, and also requested that a statue was to be placed at the site of the apparition. These were all accomplished.
During the apparitions in 1948, Our Lady stressed humility, penance, prayers for the clergy and the Pope, and to pray the Rosary. Teresita reported that there was one secret for herself, one for the Carmel convent in Lipa City, one for China, and also one for the entire world.
Our Lady requested that a Mass be held on the 12th day of every month. Before She departed for the last time, the Blessed Virgin identified Herself as:
" I am the Mediatrix of All Grace"
There are acconts of a blue bird appearing at the vine where Our Lady appeared. There are also accounts of the spinning sun, heavy fragrance of roses, and showers of rose petals that had miraculous images of Christ, Mary, and other Holy Scenes on them. The rose petals (one is pictured on the top of this page, and another is pictured on the bottom) are reported to have remarkable curing powers.
It is also reported that Teresita received a Host for Holy Communion on her tongue from an angel on an occasion when she was unable to attend Mass because she was sick in bed. Teresita had other mystical experiences including visions of the Sacred Heart, a multitude of angels, St. Cecilia, St. Theresa of Lisieux, and many other saints. The seer was also seen to go into a state of unconsciousness, and then, while lying on the floor, enact the agony of Christ on the Cross. This phenomenon was witnessed by the prioress, Bishop Obviar, and members of the Carmel community at Lipa.
There was much commotion, and the Bishop and Mother Prioress were released of their jobs. The nuns were ordered to destroy all materials connected with the apparitions. They burned Teresita's diary, as well as the Mother Prioress'. The statue was also ordered to be destroyed, but the nuns kept it away, and saved it from destruction.
Our Lady warned that there would be persecutions; the convent was sealed, and the nuns could talk to no one outside of the convent.
In February 1990, a strange new phenomenon was reported in the Granja District of Lipa City. A white luminous outline of a female in prayer began to appear on one of the leaves of a tall coconut tree. It was visible only in the evenings. On May 21, 1990, Sr. Aphonse pleaded on her deathbed that the Mediatrix statue be again exposed in the chapel at the Carmelite convent. Her request was granted the very next day. It would be the first time the statue would be displayed for 40 years!
On January 24, 1991, rose petals began to fall straight from the sky again at the Carmelite convent in Lipa City. A few days later, six children playing in the garden at the convent saw the statue come to life.
Very negative media articles together with sham " Holy Rose Petals " dealers, caused Teresita to leave the convent in the 1950's. This, together with the Church's negative report, kept these apparitions hidden for some 40 years.
As a consequence, the Church has now set up a new commitee to investigate the apparitions.


Tanggero said...

Pinanganak si Sean sa Mediatrix Hosp. at ang Pedia nya, Si Dra. Juvillio ba yun, lapit sa airbase, baka kilala nyo.
Ilang beses na rin kaming nakasimba sa Carmelite, mas solemn ang place na yun para sa kin, napaka-peaceful ng environment. Compare sa Lipa Cathedral na maingay ang paligid.

Mmy-Lei said...

memorable sa akin itong simbahan na ito. dito ako nagtago para umiyak ng todo...hehehe

darlene said...

Sadly, i've never been to Carmelite Convent in Lipa. I guess I'm missing something. I've been to Carmelite Convents in QC and Dumaguete couple of times though.

About Apparitions, have you heard about Our Lady of Agoo the one in La Union? It was sometime around September to October of 1993, I guess. I was one of those who trekked for more than two hours, just to get to the apparition site because the cars wont move due to the volume of devotees. What I witnessed there is something that i cant fully explain, words are insufficient i guess. I even wrote an article about this in my column when I was in college.your post just gave me an idea for me to go through my files. I will share it with you, promise.

The church has ruled out or discouraged the said apparitions in Agoo.

atoy said...

Dr. Javillo taga banybanay siya. Subukan mo ang Redemptorist church next time na nasa lipa ka.sa may m.k. lina doon ako sumisimba mas tahimik at solemn din doon.
mmy lei,
hagulhol mo pala napakinggan namin noon malapit kasi bahay diyan ng mrs. ko. lakas mo namang umiyak pwede ka na sa libing ng mga chinese na taga-iyak.
subukan mo next time malapit lang naman yan sa manila. subukang kong ipost yong pics ng simbahan at yong mga petals ng rose na may images.

rachel said...

kuya atoys.. i always have this strange feeling that very at peace ako sa simbahan ng carmel, ewan ko ba basta andun ako kahit may problem ako sumasaya ako, i even made a vow the first time i went there, i said to myself that the first guy i go there with, i hope he will be my husband.. hehe..funny things is I 1st went there with my besfriend (u know hu db) at dun ko rin sya cnagot sa simbahan na yan... hayyyy... for sure dadalaw ako sa simbahan na yan pag uwi ko dis december... :D

KaDyo said...

Narinig ko ang kwento na ito tungkol sa apparition ng ating mahal na birhen sa Lipa. Kung tama ang aking alala di ba nagpunta pa si june Keithly para ipalabas sa show nya sa TV. I remember na may ipinakita sya na mga petals of roses na may imahe ngating mahal na birhen at ni Hesus. Noon ngang mapanood ko nga sa TV kinilabutan ako kasi naalala ko yung mga apparitions ni Mama Mary sa Medjugorje.

Anonymous said...

Ang dami pumupunta sa Carmel of Our lady Mary Mediatrix of All Grace sa Lipa at marami ring Healings na nangyayari tulad ng nangyari kay Sr. Melania Sunga isang madre ng Agustinian She was healed from a deformity ng paa niya meron siyang club foot and she was'nt able to wear footwears.Pero gumaling siya when her uncle gave him a water which was placed in front of our Blessed Virgin Nakalakad siya like an ordinary people. Sobrang himala talaga nangyari

Mandox said...

I have read decades ago the negative findings of the commission formed to investigate the miracle.

Negative because: The novice visionary could not speak for herself. Her mother superior dictated to her the answers to questions about her vision. The rose petals were shown to be made by the nuns themselves from the rose garden inside the monastery and were printed with images and then showered from up the monastery walls. The commission was composed of priest-theologians who are experts in divine revelation.

Now, you are reviving this so-called miracle? Please don’t, your own Cardinal Vidal is in hot water in Cebu for his support of a group of monks of unknown order who is now exposed of making up miracles and creating mythical stories of a statue and for profiting from the commercialism spawned by curious and credulous Cebuanos. Part of mementos for sale in that monastery are rose petals resembling those at Lipa. This is not a coincidence!

May the real Mama Mary guide you to the path of true faith, not superstition.

mykill14 said...

Hi, gusto ko lang po magtanong, ano po ba ang ibig sabihin kung napaginipan mo si Our Lady of Mediatrix, I mean si Mama Mary?vI just need to understand things like this. thank you, maghihintay po ako sa reply ninyo.

I'm Michael by the way!